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Background Synopsis

To run from a troubled past...in search of a future worth living.

This is the story set to unfold in Secrets of the ValleyLeaving home for what may be the last time, a young man chased by a checkered history moves in with his father’s associate, in a community simply known as The Valley. 

Though blessed with a scenic mountain view and many expensive homes, nothing about this new place seems to distinguish it from thousands of other small cities around the world.  At first, this seems ideal to a youth eager to bury the mistakes of his past forever.  Soon enough, however, he will come to realize that he may not be alone in coming to The Valley in search of peaceful anonymity...and that there are some kinds of trouble from which a man cannot hide.

In Secrets of the Valley, you’ll have the chance to guide the path of our tale’s hero. You’ll become involved in the wealthy community in which he’s settled, exploring interesting locations and meeting compelling characters along the way. You’ll learn secrets about these places and people that you can choose to keep in confidence or use for your own benefit. And once you’ve done all this, it will be your choices that will determine the way in which you’ll satiate your curiosity about those characters you find most interesting and satisfy your deepest desires.

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Updated on Aug 05, 2022

Chapter 3 adds the following new content:

  •   145 high quality renders that distinguish each character and setting in the game world, setting them apart as individual and singular;
  •   6 animations that serve to breathe life into the characters and scenes which they involve;
  •   3 brand-new characters with fully-realized backgrounds and personalities – each of whom can directly impact the game’s storyline, depending on the way a player chooses to interact with them;
  •   New and compelling story events which present the player choices that can shape the entire topology of the game experience in unique and interesting ways.

The release dates for SoTV v0.3 are:

  •     Patreon tier $12+ : Friday, Aug 05
  •     Patreon tier $5 : Wednesday, Aug 10
  •     Patreon tier $3 : Sunday, Aug 14
  •    Itch.io : Friday, Sep 02
"Seeking to understand a little more about what is happening in the Valley, you'll get a brief trip into the past, bringing a deeper look at our Main Character and Claire.

By supporting Lustfer Games by joining the game’s Patreon, you will be an important part of our team’s growth – and an instrumental reason for our eventual success.

Gameplay Highlights

  • Realistic scenarios with depth and gravity, supported by high-quality images and videos that allow players to immerse themselves in the game’s storyline;
  • A clear system that makes the player aware of their relationship with the various characters found in the game and has distinct effects on their actions and the way they perceive the player’s character;
  • Multiple story paths and locations to explore – all of which work together to make The Valley a truly living and vibrant community.

Fetishes Explored in the Game

Current State:  Mature women (MILFs), Harem, Corruption, Foot, Anal sex, and Voyeurism.

Upcoming States:  Panties, Impregnation, Lesbian, and more!

NoteNTR is not planned as a fetish to be explored in Secrets of the Valley.


By purchasing this game you are buying a project in development, in an Early Access stage.

Purchasing Secrets of the Valley at this time is a great way to get the game at a significantly discounted price.  As development on the project advances, its cost will go up;  therefore, this is the perfect time to get in on its ground floor!  Purchasing Secrets of the Valley now will give you access to all the game’s episodes to be released in Season One.  And there will be plenty more to come, after that!

Additionally, purchasing Secrets of the Valley now will help provide our two-person team the vital support necessary to develop a game about which they’re incredibly passionate.  With this type of backing, it’s my hope that we can eventually grow our team – allowing us the resources to bring you the highest quality game experiences possible.

The best way to get Secrets of the Valley and support its creators is through our Patreon.  If you are interested in getting great benefits unique to that platform, have the opportunity to be involved in the development of the game, and want to be the first to receive the updates – consider supporting Lustfer Games on Patreon!  For more information on patronage details, please read the section on that program below.

Release Schedule

Lustfer Games is currently composed of two members:  Lustfer and The Raven King.  We are committed to crafting high-quality game experiences and have adopted the philosophy of delivering quality over quantity with respect to our releases.  At our current size, our team commits over 12 hours every day of the week in order to deliver game updates in a timely manner.

As the quality of each iteration of our games cannot be rushed and because each episode of the project has a  different length, it is impossible to pin down an exact release schedule to a specific day.  That being said, it is our intention to release new episodes of Secrets of the Valley in intervals between 30-60 days after each subsequent release.  As our game grows in popularity and more resources are available to commit to the project, we will invest those resources in building a bigger team – which will allow an even more frequent release schedule.


Hello! I’m Lustfer.

Your support means the world to me, as it will allow me to continue developing visual novels for your enjoyment. I’m really eager to bring something unique to the community by creating stories with a focus on exploration, a great variety of characters, and beautiful graphics. The ongoing result of my love of telling stories in this format is my first project, "Secrets of The Valley": A visual novel based on the investigation of interesting places and making choices that directly affect the outcome of the story’s plot.

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Why support me?

My studio is focused on bringing new ideas and possibilities to life within the framework of a visual novel. We intend on distinguishing ourselves from other studios with our commitment to the concepts of exploration and player choice. Many developers promise that their games will pay attention to both... but end up putting out releases that all seem the same. It’s our intention that we’ll be known as the studio that delivers on that promise.

I have big plans on the horizon for our studio. Eventually, I’d like it grow into a truly professional enterprise. I envision bringing some talented friends into the fold to set up a small office, having each of us tasked to individual, important roles. Having a dedicated scenario modeler, character developer, and programmer, for example, will allow us to truly reach our potential – and deliver you the kinds of game experiences that you’ve always searched for, but have never found.

The only way I can realize that lofty goal, though, is with your support! So please...help me turn both my game and studio into something truly legendary with a pledge of support. And be sure to bring your friends – along with your comments, thoughts, and suggestions!

Your patronage will be rewarded!

Prices shown in the tiers are monthly donations, paid up-front, and you can stop at any time you want. Take a look  in the patronage tiers for more info on the rewards I offer for your pledge.

If you are enjoying what I am creating and want to show your appreciation by donating, please consider being my Patron. Even the smallest donation is warmly welcomed, that's because you'll be supporting the dream of a small team (with great dreams) and that is truly passionate about telling stories and bringing them to life.

My heartfelt thanks to you for reading my page and playing my game!

Cheers, Lustfer

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* Please report any bugs you find in the comments section, (plus whether on PC, Mac, Android, etc) or in our Discord: LINK

** DISCLAIMER: All the content created by me is purely fictional and is in no way based on real life events. Any similarities to real life scenarios, characters or storylines is pure coincidental. Game characters are aged 18+ and all character interaction is consensual.


Buy Now$7.99 USD or more

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $7.99 USD. You will get access to the following files:

Main download: Secrets of The Valley 0.3 787 MB
Version 0.3
lustfer.games.sotv-0.3.apk 778 MB
Alternative: Secrets.of.The.Valley-0.3-pc.zip 793 MB
Alternative: Secrets.of.The.Valley-0.3-mac.zip 759 MB

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Will this go on Steam?


Hello AVNlover

The goal is, first of all, to push the game to a high level of quality. Delivering both story and image quality. I am sure we are doing very well in this regard. 💜

That being said, regarding Steam, I personally intend to attempt to release it on the platform when the story is completed.

I hope they will accept the game without any problems, but they are quite picky about some aspects. Even though our characters are all of age, you never know what else they might see as an obstacle to refuse a game. 😅

In any case, if it is going to happen, it will be in the future.  A minimum of 12 chapters has been planned, divided into two seasons (or more if we opt for more chapters). So, we still have a lot of work ahead of us.



Really has high level of image quality. I look forward to it being on Steam.

I like who add fetishes or game tag in the description that I love anal sex ❤️❤️❤️


any femdom in this game and character name, please?


Hey Siddharthsanklecha!

Yes, we have a character named Norma, she has fdom traits and tries to take over our MC. It's up to the player's choice to accept it or show her who is in charge.

ok thanks


aight found this game on my threads I'll give a review soon. ^^ hope this game is good.


Hello Souchouin!

I'm glad you were interested when you saw SoTV in your threads. I hope you have a good experience and let me know what you think!

Remember that the game available is in early stages of development.

At this moment a new version is being finished, with several fixes and improvements. And of course, more game content!

Stay tuned for more news soon.

It's all good, Nice Character sprites although You need to change your letter font size though it's kinda small. Can't complain for more. Great game and Waiting For the next update.

(Text window opacity if possible hehe 😏😏😏)


You are on the radar, I hope you see this to completion.


Hello Emeren! I'm glad you like what you've seen so far.

I'm working hard to release the next update and we already have other storylines coming up, just waiting to be brought into the game.

You'll love what's coming next!


short but sweet


Hey, thanks for the compliment! The game duration will increase as new updates are released. Stay tuned!